Anna's Graduation

Anna Carmen Endrizzi graduated from the University of Virginia this year. She actually graduated in January and received her real diploma at that time. Graduating in three and a half years is quite an accomplishment. She is a chip off the old block. He father also completed the courses for his undergraduate degree in three years and one quarter. UVA does not have enough students graduating early to warrant a winter graduation ceremony so she participated in the May ceremony.
(Just a bit of trivia: The Ohio State University has a graduation ceremony every quarter.
Even two-time Heisman Trophy winners and Rose Bowl MVP's have received diplomas in less
than four years at Ohio State.)

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The new graduate and extremely proud father.

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Anna and David

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We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with Ashley's family. Anna and Ashley have been roommates (along with Amy) for their four years at UVA.

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Chris and Anna with me after dinner