Coral are beautiful live animals that live under the sea. The can look like painted rocks, colorful plants or jelly fingers. the abundance and diversity of coral life in the Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef made this dive trip very interesting.

Click on the thumbnails below to see enlarged pictures of some of the coral we enjoyed on this trip.

aus34cl.jpg (120828 bytes) Here you can see three Pink Anemonefish (one very small one is in the lower left area) in a carpet of anemone. The surge of the water is causing the edges of the anemone to turn up and you can see that the base or back of the anemone is a beautiful shade of purple.
Aus43cor.jpg (127305 bytes) This is a small portion of reef called China Wall. The coral life here was very diverse and richly populated. The fish you see is a Moorish Idol.
aus44cor.jpg (288836 bytes) This shows some of the beautiful colors.
aus45cor.jpg (314602 bytes) This is a really strange looking coral.
aus46cor.jpg (275684 bytes) This piece of coral looks like a little Christmas tree under water.
aus47cor.jpg (301349 bytes) This a coral has an interesting color and shape.
aus48cor.jpg (287405 bytes) More really kewl stuff.
aus49cor.jpg (98437 bytes) Bright red coral. I love it.
aus50cor.jpg (189238 bytes) More thick variety of coral life with a very colorful striped fish.