The Donkey Divers enjoyed our visit to Australia.
Here are a few pictures of some of us on our trip.

Click on the thumbnails to see an enlarged picture.

Aus60lim.jpg (96548 bytes) Here are the Donkey Divers getting ready to head to the airport in Atlanta. We met at Johnny and Linda's house took this limo (a stretch Expedition) to the airport.
We like to go in style.
aus68rk.jpg (98875 bytes) Jennifer, Linda, Shawn and Zack relax on the front porch of our bed & breakfast as soon as we arrive in Townsville.
Once again, we travel first class.
aus69rm.jpg (85326 bytes) The view from the front porch was outstanding. It was especially nice to enjoy the sunrise or a glass of sherry at sundown on the porch.
aus62dnk.jpg (34276 bytes) The Donkey Divers seem to find donkeys everywhere we go. One night on our way to have dinner down on the harbor in Sydney, we passed this street performer dressed as a donkey.
Aus61bt.jpg (48593 bytes) The day after we arrived Australia we boarded the Spoilsport. We lived on this boat for seven days.
aus64is.jpg (52278 bytes) For the next week, the only land we saw this small island. It was a narrow strip of sand in the middle of nowhere. We went ashore to watch the sun set one evening.
aus66me.jpg (69138 bytes) Here I am giving the "OK" signal just before I enter the water from the high platform.
aus56zj.jpg (17710 bytes) Jan and Zack pose for a picture under water.
aus67jl.jpg (16407 bytes) You won't here me say this too often. "There were too many fish on some of the dives."
I was trying to get a picture of Johnny and Linda. We were all trying to get the fish to out of the way but this was the best we could do.
aus65zk.jpg (27881 bytes) Zack prepares for the "Full Monty."
Jennifer gets in position for a good view.

They will shoot me for this one.

aus71sh.jpg (50238 bytes) Shawn seemed to be having trouble
keeping his shorts up, too.
aus63sun.jpg (44881 bytes) We had spectacular sunsets almost every night.