My 2010 Harley Davidson Road King.


This is my new 2008 Harley Davidson Road king.

Custom paint job by Mo Colors of Tampa, FL.


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My 1999 Sportster and my 2004 Road King


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This is my 2004 Road King.


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I rode the new bike down to the beach. Almost got stuck in the sand. It is nice to be able to ride to the beach in a matter of minutes. The bike is the same as above. I change out the saddle bags some times.



I have gone to Bike in Daytona a few times since I moved down here. This is a picture of me and my friend Kelley riding down Main Street in 2006.



I like the Keys. I head down there every chance I get. The diving can be great there and the ride from Key Largo to Key West is my favorite. Riding from one Island to another over the beautiful emalrd green waters is so relaxing. You cross over 60 islands and bridges on the ride. The Keys are also a great place to party. Basically, the Florida Keys is a Stress-Free Zone.



I had my bike painted. It needed some flames. This is the artist that painted my 2004 bike. He does a great job, as you can see.


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My   Harley-Davidson Sportster


What is a sportster?

Much has changed since the original 1957 Sportster® muscled its way onto the streets. But the spirit that drives today's machines is the same as what drove the first ones that rolled off a Milwaukee production line way back when. They're lean, nimble, agile and a living, fire-breathing descendant of the vintage Harley-Davidson® race bikes that used to terrorize the country's dirt and board tracks. Go back forty-six years, or go back just one, and you'll see a Sportster has always been an easy bike to get on, in more ways than one. It's a truly affordable Harley-Davidson. It's an excellent way to get into the sport. And it's one great time, to boot.

Take a look back, even to the first offerings, and there's no denying a Sportster was, is, and always will be about one thing: performance. The kind that hits you just right deep down in the pit of your stomach. What supplies that sought-after feeling in your belly is the tried-and-true Evolution® V-Twin engine. Its calling card is raw torque. And it delivers on the promise. Pack that into a narrow frame, and you've got yourself a good, good time just waiting to be pointed towards the nearest turn.


Where I buy my H-D Gear:

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Kelley is the one to ask for if you are shopping at this site.

Where I got my Road King:

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Where I got my Sportster:

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Woody is so excited that I got a Harley. He loves his new jacket and hat (see pics below).
Now he wants me to get a side
car so he can go with me.
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