The Pacific Ocean has a lot of fish that are not seen in the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea.

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aus22cln_small.jpg (2428 bytes) Anemonefish are only seen in the Pacific Ocean. They live in Anemones (thus the name). They can live in the anemones. They hide from other fish in these jelly-like finger projections. This one is a Barrier Reef Anemonefish.
aus32cl.jpg (101010 bytes) This is a Black Anemonefish peering out at me from his safe place.
aus33cl.jpg (107401 bytes) This is a better view of the Black Anemonefish. I managed to catch him on top the anemone instead of hiding down in it.
aus35cl.jpg (98123 bytes) This is the top of a Pink Anemonefish as dives for cover in the anemone. Incase you haven't figured it out, these are my favorite little fish. This is the first time I have ever seen them in the wild.
aus36lf.jpg (54955 bytes) This a beautiful, but dangerous Lionfish. It has very feather fins. These quills on the fins can emit a toxin that could kill a person.
aus37lf.jpg (45393 bytes) This Lionfish is hiding behind a mound of red coral. These deadly guys are sometimes know as Devilfish or Firefish.
aus38sf.jpg (72312 bytes) This is a very interesting starfish. It climbed out on this coral at night (once again a good reason to go on night dives). It is hard to see him first. He is orange banded. If you look carefully at the enlarged picture, you can see his five legs.
aus39fi.jpg (100351 bytes) Here are a couple of unusual fish. I haven't looked them up to see what kind they are. One is red and one is blue. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. If you know the real name of these guys, drop me an email.
aus39fl.jpg (107475 bytes) Look closely at the enlarged picture and you will see a big grouper hiding back in the coral. He was not the biggest grouper we saw. One guy was bigger than a VW bus. Honest. If you want to see him, go dive on the Yongala.
aus40gc.jpg (95683 bytes) This is a giant clam. We saw a lot of them. Some were up to four feet across. Their lining is very colorful. You can see this one's lining is a mottled blue and purple.
aus41fi.jpg (62041 bytes) No idea what this guy is called yet, either.
He is a different looking fish.
aus42fi.jpg (43068 bytes) This is a Bannerfish. Some people think they are Angelfish or Moorish Idols. They do look a lot like Moorish Idols. If you want to see what they look like, go to the "Coral" page from the Australia page or to my scuba diving page on this site.