I will be working in Budapest, Hungary this week. I will be staying in the Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal. You can click no the web site below to see more about the hotel. Here a a few pictures of the place.

An interesting side note: President bush visited Budapest while I was there to help celebrate Hungary's liberation from Soviet Occupation.

Click on the thumbnails below to see some pictures from my trip:

Here I am on a hill in the "Buda" section overlooking the Danube River. The "Pest" portion of the city is on the east (right) side of the river.
This is a picture of one of the castles taken at night.
Here I am after eating lunch at a little sidewalk cafe. I walked about a mile north of my hotel today and I passed a KFC, Pizza Hut, 4 Burger Kings and 6 MacDonalds (in less than a mile). American fast food is more common here than in the US.
This little sidewalk cafe would bring your beer in a dispenser that held about 2 gallons of beer and you just filled your glass as needed. No waiting for the server. You gotta love that.
This is a bottle I found in the mini bar in my room. I have never seen this product for sale before. If anyone needs a bottle, let me know. I will see if I can give you some when I return.
Here I am by one of the famous statues in Budapest of a maden.
Another castle at night.
This is a statue of a famous Hungarian warrior on his horse.
The statue of the horse is anatomically correct and part of the bronze on him is still very shiny because local college students think it is good luck to touch that part of the statue before exams.
We visited a local stables. The owners are world class carriage drivers.
Here is one of the owners of the farm getting ready to exercise one of the teams.
During dinner that night we were entertained by a Hungarian band playing some traditional gypsy music.
In the background is the famous Chain Bridge that was built in 1841.
This is the east end of the Chain Bridge and the Four Seasons Hotel as seen from the Danube River at dusk.
This is the east end of the Chain Bridge a couple of hours later.
This is the Hungarian House of Parliment viewed from the Danube.
Here is the House of Parliament after dark.
Here I am competing in a team building activity. We had to sit on a barrel and pull ourselves from one end of a long log to the other without tipping off. I barely made it.
Most of the time I was sitting a meeting room from 7:30 AM (actually 1:30 AM EDT) until about 7:00 PM before leaving for the evening dinner function and returning to the hotel shortly before midnight.

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