My Job

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If you love your job, you never have to work for a living.
And I love my job.

My job is where I earn the money to pay for my other interests.
Veterinary Medicine is a very diverse field. There are lots of different things you can do with a veterinary degree. When I was in private practice I enjoyed the variety of animals and challenges I got to work with. Now that I am in industry, the challenges and tasks are even more diverse. I get to do lots of different things, travel to many places and meet lots of interesting people. And no matter what Kelly #1 says, I am a doctor.

Below are some examples of the different things I do. You can click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures.

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Here I am at a casual work event. This is a cookout that we had for veterinary students.
I'm sure that is a Diet Coke I am drinking.

HiltH1.jpg (28701 bytes) Here I am at a meeting on Hilton Head Island.
hoola.jpg (35051 bytes) I had to work in Hawaii for a few days. That is not part of my region, I was willing to sacrifice for the good of the company and make the trip.

mjebat.jpg (36778 bytes)

This is from another meeting we had in Greensboro, NC. That is the site of our home office. We all went to a baseball game one night and I got meet the team mascot (a purple bat).

winfest.jpg (15620 bytes) Every December I work at "Winterfest", a fun pet show in Orlando, FL. Here I am with Henry and Molly.
DBD.jpg (29799 bytes) Here I am working at a national sales meeting. During dinner they played "Devil With The Blue Dress On" and I just couldn't help myself. I jumped up on the table and started dancing.
golf1.jpg (43518 bytes) This is me working at a golf tournament for veterinarians. Our company was one of the sponsors. We were giving away an Explorer to anyone who got a hole-in-one on this one.
hammok.jpg (22607 bytes) This is a picture of me working in Puerto Rico. The problem with my region is that most of the hotels are set up for vacationers, not the business traveler. I don't always get a nice desk to work from. I have improvise, as I am doing here.
heat.jpg (44361 bytes) And while it does not often get very cold in my region, when it does, a hotel that has heated rooms is always good to find.
Enlarge this picture to see that I was able to find one here.
PStampa_small.jpg (2166 bytes) Another disadvantage of this region is that sometimes when you rent a car, you get one that doesn't have a roof. Here I am at a meeting with some of the other veterinarians from our company.
pr1.jpg (50551 bytes) The good thing about this region is that after a hard day of working at the exhibit booth, you can usually find a comfortable place to go over technical issues with the local territory manager.
pr2.jpg (30686 bytes) Here I am with the Regional Sales Manager and Territory Manager at a company sponsored event at a veterinary meeting.
STUDENTREPS.JPG (82182 bytes) Our company does a lot of work at veterinary schools. Since I can't be everywhere at once, we hire a veterinary student at each school. This is a picture of all our student reps and Professional Services Veterinarians. Can you enlarge the picture and find me? I am hard to find since I usually shy away from cameras.  ;-)
drugday.jpg (31042 bytes) I exhibit at drug days at veterinary schools in order to inform students about my company and our products.
savma.jpg (75482 bytes) I sponsored a function at the national Student AVMA meeting. I had to represent our company and spend the evening with several hundred college students.
manual.jpg (63430 bytes) I visit the vet schools to distribute parasite manuals to the students.
UGAaward_small.jpg (1824 bytes) I sponsor awards for veterinary students.
cookoutT.jpg (36501 bytes) Here I am cooking hamburgers at a welcome picnic for new vet students.
pizzat.jpg (31516 bytes) Quite often I give talks about our company and products to vet students. I usually have to buy pizza get them to listen to me.
TNAVC98.jpg (36251 bytes) I work at exhibit booths at major trade shows to promote our products and answer technical questions that people might have.
TVpens.jpg (36914 bytes) I often appear on TV or radio shows about pets to talk about new developments in the area of animal health.
fpdevil.jpg (17665 bytes) Here I am working a meeting for feline veterinarians. We sponsored a Halloween party at the party and I went as "The Cat In The Hat"
trevor.jpg (55165 bytes) Here I am meeting the famous dog "Trevor" who stars in our TV commercials.
Welcombe2.JPG (39746 bytes) I traveled to England to train some sales reps. I got to spend a couple of days in London. The meeting was at this quaint resort north of London.
Here is another TV show that I do on a fairly regular basis in Mobile Alabama. Viewers call in to ask about their pets' health or auburn football.