Whitewater Rafting

ww1.jpg (35159 bytes) Whitewater rafting is my favorite summer mountain sport. My favorite rivers are the Lower Gauley in West Virginia and the Upper Youghegeny in Maryland. I don' t have any pictures of those trips because I was too busy paddling.
Here I am on a trip that I sponsored for the faculty of the veterinary school at Auburn University. This trip was on the Ocoee River in Tennessee.
ww2.jpg (65857 bytes)

This is a great shot as we were going through a class VI rapid on the Chatooga River that separates Georgia and South Carolina.

ww3.jpg (49331 bytes) This picture of me on a trip down the Cheat River in West Virginia is about 12 miles from where I used to live.
ww4.jpg (44431 bytes) This is a picture from a trip down the New River.
I took my kids when they were younger. The upper New is a great trip for kids. It is a nice drift trip with a few class II and class III rapids. The lower New is much more challenging. Both sections of the river are very scenic.