Columbus, Ohio

I like Columbus. It is a great city.

It is the home of
The Ohio State University.



Judgement Day 2006






and the steer they rode in on!


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Here I am after the triple overtime win over NC State. It was a heart-stopper.

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Here I am with Brutus Buckeye,
the Ohio State mascot.

osu1099.jpg (71077 bytes) I am no fair weather buckeye fan. I stay for whole game, rain or shine. Unfortunately, we could not say the same for our former "coach" (I use that term loosely). John Cooper has been known to leave the field when there was over two and a half minutes left because it was raining and his team was loosing. Can you say, "Quitter"?
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Here I am with the Ohio State Cheerleaders.

osusocer.jpg (84705 bytes) At this game I ended up sitting behind three members of the OSU Women's Soccer Team. They are really kicking ass this year.
osuskull.jpg (121203 bytes) Before every home game TBDBITL (The Best Damn Band In The Land) holds a skull session where they rehearse the pre-game and half time shows. It is incredible. You can hear the band so much better in St. John's arena than in the open stadium. Only 13,000 people are allowed into the arena. I got there early enough to get in at this game. Penn State brought their band and we got a double treat. The Blue Band is one of the best in the country. Not as good as Ohio State's band but still very good.
idotter.jpg (78560 bytes)

The rain poured down the whole game on this day and Ohio State was way ahead in the last quarter. Most of the 98,124 fans that sat through the worst of the weather left as soon as the game was over. The best part of the day started after the teams left the field. the sun came out and so did the band. They did the incomparable "Script Ohio", the most memorable tradition in all of marching band history.
The great honor in formation goes to the sousaphone (tuba) player that dots the "i" in Ohio. At exactly 16 measures from the end of "LeRegiment," the drum major struts out towards the top of the "i," with The sousaphone player high-stepping a couple of paces behind. As the home crowd's cheering crescendos, the drum major stops and dramatically points to the spot, and the sousaphone player assumes the post of honor, doffs his hat and bows deeply to both sides of the stadium. <Goose Bumps!>
I have seen people in shirts that say,"My son dotted the 'i' on October 8, 1998". It is great honor to know the i-dotter. In this picture you can see the band beginning the "Script Ohio" as the "i-dotter's fiancÚ's brother" and the "i-dotter's fiancÚ's brother's girlfriend" look down from the south stands. I guess that makes me the i-dotter's fiancÚ's brother's girlfriend's photographer. I feel really special.

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