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This page is about our dive trip to Cozumel in October of 2018.

Cozumel 2018

Donkey Divers Head to Mexico

In October of 2018 a group of Donkey Divers decided to go to Cozumel for some diving. It was my seventh time diving on Cozumel. We had sunny weather and calm seas. The diving was good. Cozumel is known for drift diving. Currents are often too strong to swim against so the dive boat drops off the divers and then follows their bubbles to pick them up at the end of the dive. We didn’t have any strong currents on our dives. The currents were mild to moderate.

We did run into some boat problems on a couple of dives. On one we had to have another boat come pick us up. It worked out OK we just had a long surface interval before out first dive that day.

We were careful to only drink bottled water while we were there. Stomach troubles of one kind or another still hit almost everyone in the group at some time that week. That was the first time I have ever gotten a digestive problem while in Mexico.

Dive Log

We did a checkout dive off the shore the first day to make sure everything was working and that we were weighted properly. After that we did three boat dives a day. On Wednesday we added a night dive. Rex, Mike C. and Timberly also made two boat dives on Friday but Bailey and I were not feeling well enough to dive so our week of diving ended a day early.

The water was warm and the visibility was good in most places.

Here is my dive log for the week.

Trip Logistics

Dates: October 21 to October 28, 2018

Airline: American Airlines via Miami

Accomidations: Hotel Cozumel and Resort

Dive Operation: Dive Paradise

Gas: Air

Booked through: The Travel Shop

Dive Statistics


Soon (or maybe later) you will be able to Click on the Thumbnail picture below to see a short video of some of the things we saw diving on this trip to Cozumel.


We stayed on an all-inclusive plan at Hotel Cozumel so we ate most of our meals at the hotel. One night we did go out to Casa Mission to eat dinner.