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I have wanted to learn to scuba dive ever since I was 5 years old. I used to watch "Sea Hunt" all the time. I got a mask and fins when I was 7 years old and learned to swim underwater before I could swim on top.

I finally got my Open Water PADI certification in 1996. I got my advanced certification in Bonaire in 1998 and Rescue Diver later that year.



There are some great pictures on this page or you can use the buttons below to see pictures from some of my other dive trips:

 Akumal 2000     Australia 2000     Bahamas 2002  
 Shark Feeding      Bahamas 2004  Bahamas 2016    Belize 1999 
  Belize 2004    Bonaire 2001   Bonaire 2005   Bonaire May 2006
 Bonaire July 2008  Bonaire November 2008    Bonaire 2009   Bonaire 2010  
Bonaire 2011  Bonaire 2012    Bonaire 2013  Bonaire 2014  Bonaire 2015   
 Bonaire 2016  Bonaire 2017 
Cancun   Cayman 2001     Cayman 2002   Cayman 2012  Cayman 2013
    Little Cayman 2005      Cozumel 2009   Cozumel 2012  Cozumel 2014  Cozumel 2015  Eagle Ray 
   Curacao 2005    Eastern Caribbean 2011  Eastern Caribbean 2015   Roatan Anthony Key 2010
  Roatan Coco View 2011    Turks & Cacos Live Aboard 2001  Turks & Caicos 2006

      Fire Coral    Monthly Water Temp      Donkey Divers



Click on the thumbnails below to see pictures from some of my early dives. Use your browser's "BACK" button to return to this page.

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Alice In Wonderland

This is me coming out of the ocean after a great dive in "Alice In Wonderland" off the southern shore of Bonaire. It has a great double reef with a 100' deep sand bar separating them by about 75 feet. If you swim out over the sand bar and slowly drift down to lie quietly on the sand you can see the garden eels as they sway back and forth.

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Barracuda in Paradise
Here you can see me behind the coral looking at a 5 foot barracuda that is looking back at me. I found this guy down in the Keys.
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Underwater lecture
In my job, I have to give a lot of talks. Some are in nice big lectures halls. But, as you can see here, some are underwater. You have to go where the audience is. At least that is what I told my boss when I turned in this picture with my expense report to get reimbursed for the dive trip.
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Sea Turtle
Ran into this large Green sea turtle at about 60 feet on a drift dive off Oahu in Hawaii.
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Fire Coral
A Bluestriped Grunt and Squirrelfish dive for cover in the fire coral in Reef Scientifico off Bonaire.
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Vessel Coral
Vessel coral off the coast of St. Kitts
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Pink Coral
Translucent coral found in St. Kitts.
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Tugboat Wreck
This fish swims over a part of the tug boat that is covered with coral and sea urchins.
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Queen Angelfish
This Queen Angelfish was found at about 80 feet a few miles off Destin, FL.
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Moorish Idols
Moorish Idols are usually seen individually or sometimes in pairs or small groups. This airplane wreck at 108 feet off the west coast of Oahu in Hawaii was surrounded by hundreds of these little guys.
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Spotted Moray Eel
This eel was wanting me to stay away from his hiding place off Desechio Island north west of Puerto Rico. The dive sites off this island had some of the best coral life I have ever seen.
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Eel Close-up
This guy just wanted to hide down in the coral and let me take his picture.
The eels on St. Kitts are more polite than those in Puerto Rico
Belize12.jpg (59774 bytes) Here I am diving in Belize. To see more pictures of this trip and the wonderful underwater life there, click on the
thumbnail to the left.

To see pictures from other dive trips, click on the buttons below.

 Akumal 2000     Australia 2000     Bahamas 2002 
 Shark Feeding      Bahamas 2004      Belize 1999 
  Belize 2004    Bonaire 2001   Bonaire 2005   
 Bonaire May 2006      Bonaire July 2008  Bonaire November 2008
 Bonaire 2009   Bonaire 2010   Bonaire 2011   Bonaire 2012    Bonaire 2013 
Bonaire 2014  Bonaire 2015    Bonaire 2016   Bonaire 2017
 Cancun    Cayman 2001     Cayman 2002   Cayman 2012   Cayman 2013
 Little Cayman 2005      Cozumel 2009   Cozumel 2012  Cozumel 2014  Cozumel 2015 Eagle Ray  Curacao 2005    Eastern Caribbean 2011   Roatan Anthony Key 2010
  Roatan Coco View 2011    Turks & Cacos Live Aboard 2001  Turks & Caicos 2006

       Monthly Water Temp      Donkey Divers


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