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This site is here to tell you about Mike Endrizzi, AKA: Doc, Dr. E, or Drizz (thus the domain name) and let you know what I do and where I am doing it today., the web site

Welcome to

I first developed to show my manager that I was capable of managing and updating a simple website. Back in the mid 90's the internet was still in its infancy. Many people thought it was a passing fad. This was way before LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Wix or GoDaddy. This was even before Myspace and FaceBook. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg was still in middle school when I designed this site. Netscape was the browser that most people used at that time. AOL and Internet Explorer were just coming to the market. Safari and FireFox were over half a decade away.

Web developers were able to demand huge amounts of money from big companies to develop and maintain their web sites. Since many top executives thought it would soon go the way of the Hula Hoop, Pet Rock or Rubik's Cube they were reluctant to hire full time staff to maintain the company's website.

I was in charge of putting together a monthly update for the animal health division's website for one major pharmaceutical company. The internet provider was charging a fortune to incorporate my updates to the website each month. I asked my manager to allow me to upload the updates and save the company a lot of money but he felt that it was much too complicated for me to maintain a website. To show him that I could do it, I developed this personal site. I ended up leaving that company shortly after that and never was able to convince him to allow me to do it. In the meantime, many friends and family members began logging on the site to see what I was doing and to see pictures from my scuba diving trips. Over the years I have enjoyed updating and expanding the site. The original software that I used to develop the site is no longer supported so I am in the process of changing the format and learning to write code so that I can keep up with the times. Some of the pages will remain in the old format until I can get around to updating them. They were state of art two decades ago, but technology moves quickly so some of the pages look very dated (because they are).

Welcome and enjoy.


Mike Endrizzi was born in Parkersburg, WV.

I grew up there. In high school, I was on the rowing team and golf team.

I went to West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV where I graduated with a B.S. in Animal Science.

I went on to veterinary school at The Ohio State University. While there, I was president of the Student AVMA and served on the University Senate, Inter-Professional Council, University Judicial Council and received the Diamond Service Award for service to the veterinary profession and the AVMA Auxiliary Award for promoting the image of veterinary medicine.

After graduation I returned to West Virginia to practice veterinary medicine. I worked on all types of animals except skunks and monkeys. While the majority of my practice was pet animals, I also did farm animals, horses, exotics and wild animals. I developed and taught courses at Meredith Manor School of Horsemanship and West Virginia University and also lectured in equestrian curriculum at Salem College.

After 17 years in private practice, I was recruited to come to work for Ciba Animal Health (later Novartis Animal Health). I worked as the Sr. Regional Technical Manager for Novartis Animal Health in the Southeast region. Five years later I took a job as manager of Professional Services at IDEXX Pharmaceuticals (division of IDEXX Laboratories). The pharmaceuticals division was formerly known as Blue Ridge Pharmaceuticals prior to IDEXX's acquisition. I later went to work for Bayer Animal Health as a Senior Technical Services Veterinarian in the southeast region and was promoted to Manager of Companion Veterinary Services. In 2008 I joined Pfizer as a Specialty Hospital Liaison. In early 2013 the animal health division became a stand-alone company, Zoetis, and my position was restructured and renamed as a Regional Strategic Veterinarian. In March of 2015 I retired to stay healthy and have more time for riding my Harley, scuba diving and pursuing other activities. I live in Tampa, Florida and still do some consulting and lecturing.

Recent Updates

My most recent updates to the site are about our dive trips to Cozumel in October of 2018 and St. Croix in March of 2019. Click the Thumbnails below to go directly to those pages.

I'm Updating and Improving the Website

This website was originally designed over two decades ago. I am presently in the process of updating the software, design and content of the site. This website is a hobby, not a fulltime job so it will take a while. Many of the pages will remain in the older style until I get around to updating them. If you find links that don't work or pages that don't load properly or any other mistakes that need to be corrected, please email me with details and I will see what I can do.

Where In The World Is Mike?

When I have the time, I will attempt to update this link with my location. Click on the revolving globe to see where I am.

Looking for a different "Drizz"?

If you were looking for Mary Endrizzi (now Mary Wright) who is sometimes also known as "Drizz", you are at the wrong site. She is my little sister and stole that nickname over a decade after I had it. You can see a picture of her in the photo section.